Sunday, April 28, 2013

Route 62 Vintage Marketplace in Yucca Valley

For me, this is THE top vintage marketplace in the Joshua Tree Gateway Communities. That's saying a lot since there are many top quality vintage shops in Yucca Valley. Stop by and say hi to the owners - Dawn and Dennis - I love these two, they're like family! I have probably purchased half of my vacation rental furnishings from this shop. You never know what you'll find. The prices are great, the selection is constantly fresh and changing, it's always an adventure just looking around. Seriously, this is my favorite vintage shop of all time.

Owners: Dawn & Dennis Blevins

Location: Rt 62 Vintage Marketplace
               55635 29 Palms HWY
               Yucca Valley, CA 92284

Phone: 760-365-4330

Hours: Mon - Fri: 10AM - 5PM
                  Sat: 10AM - 5PM
                  Sun: 10AM - 4PM

ArtFX & Furnishing in Yucca Valley

ArtFx & Furnishings - Fine Collectibles & Consignment - Something for every room in your home. Jewelry & MORE!

55836 29 Palms Hwy, Yucca Valley, CA.
(619) 990-5683
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

ArtFx & Furnishings

ArtFx & Furnishings Yucca Valley

Spring 2013 cactus bloom at Rabbit Run

April is the time to see the cactus blooming. But these amazing flowers usually only last for one day - or sometimes only one night. Once you see the buds it may only be a matter of a few days before those buds grow into full flowers and then bloom over. So if you see the flowers consider yourself fortunate. If you see the flower buds, keep an eye on those because they may bloom in the next day or two. They grow fast and end fast. Here are some pictures from the Rabbit Run rock garden.

Chuckwalla resident of Rabbit Run

In April the reptiles begin coming out of their winter hibernation. The resident chuckwalla makes his appearance from time to time. He's fairly wary and will try to avoid you but you might be able to get close if you move slowly. Please be mindful that this is his home and treat him with respect.